Who is Flightess

The famous designer Oscar De La Renta taught me one of the most important lessons of my professional life. When asked “What is luxury?” His response was this: “Luxury is a feeling.” He went on to explain that paying a high price to be served a cup of coffee in a fancy hotel by an employee who pays no attention to you is not luxury because it doesn’t make you feel special; rather, you leave disappointed. In contrast, buying cheaper coffee prepared by a street vendor who gives you his undivided attention makes you feel important and welcome. That is good service. That is luxury.

Luxury can be had by anyone, because its about giving someone the gift of feeling welcomed, cherished, and looked after.
– Charles P. MacPherson of The Butler Speaks

Flightess is each and every CFA in the world.

This community is Flightess!

Jamie started her aviation career in 2013, where she worked for a United States government charter service. From there she was promoted to a classified U.S. government contract and still retains her Secret Security Clearance to this day. After being a proud recipient of a Women In Aviation Scholarship in 2014, Jamie transitioned into Business Aviation, serving a myriad of international clientele and operators.

Shortly thereafter, Jamie was selected to be a part of the highly anticipated branch of VistaJet’s global expansion into the U.S. market, where she remained one of the most frequently requested Cabin Hostesses by VJ flyers. As a graduate of Yacht Chef Culinary School MyMuyBueno, Jamies brings a unique approach as a leading expert in aviation hospitality. She has been recruited and requested to train flight attendant departments both domestically and internationally.

In 2018, Jamie joined the team of a new global Dassault Falcon fleet operation where she helped recruit over 60% of the new hires in the Inflight Department. She also curated a more finely tuned approach to service, including finessed service standards and protocols, targeted onboard branding, and improved inflight service product selection.

Jamie possesses a new philosophy of inflight service and has rewritten the status quo of inflight hospitality with her brand and business Flightess, which specializes in the innovation of onboard service, galvanizing Business Aviation Flight Attendants all over the world.

Where do I get my inspiration from?

Every meal I eat while traveling, trying new restaurants. I stalk my favorite chefs on social media (no really, it takes actual will power for me to not comment on every single instagram post of Chef Thomas Keller praising him and his genius). I also love watching Netflix’s series that focus on exploring the art and science of food.

Where have I learned all of my skills?

I worked in restaurants, commercial kitchens, and event caterers growing up. I went to culinary school in Mallorca, Spain. I’ve also had lovely employers who invested in my inflight skill sets whether that be WSET Wine Certifications, The British Butler Institute, European Etiquette & Service Training, and Davinci Training in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

My hope is to share these skills I’ve learned, with you here on Flightess.

Craziest request I’ve ever had from a client?

I once picked thru 4 boxes of lucky charms with a gloved hand to render every last marshmallow. However, I always tell people being a Corporate Flight Attendant is like The Devil Wears Prada, except on an international level.

I also once served an African Grey bird garnished mashed potatoes in Cristofle china on a white linen table cloth as my client wanted to dine properly with her bird.

What makes a good Corporate Flight Attendant?

I would say anticipation and attention to detail. If you can harness the intrinsic skill of knowing what your clients wants and needs are before they ask, that is VIP luxury service.