3 Ingredient Canapé- VEGAN!!

3 Ingredient Canapé- VEGAN!!

Isn’t it so fun when you find out that your clients have certain dietary restrictions last minute?! NOT.

Well folks, that’s where the inspiration for this canapé came from. Finding out I had a few vegan passengers less then 2 hours prior the departure and none of my boarding canapés I had onboard were vegan. But like the part time magician’s that corporate flight attendants are, we make it happen.

Ultimately what makes a great Corporate Flight Attendant is their ability to adapt and invite challenges head-on.

So with that said, I rummaged thru my fridge bag and found a Purple Daikon Radish ( See my post here about why you should always carry a few of these little guys in your fridge bag) an avocado, and a lime.

Using my handheld mandolin to slice the radish, I then used a shot glass to stamp out smaller-sized circles of the Daikon radish.

In my ziploc bag, I mashed avocado with lime juice and salt and cut the tip off the bag to pip onto the center of the radish.

Place one Daikon radish slice on top, garnish with edible flower and micro-greens and BOOM easy GF/Vegan Canapé.


  • Radish ( Watermelon or Purple)
  • Avocado
  • Lime
  • Salt
  • Garnishes: Edible flowers // microgreens


  • Hand- Held Mandolin
  • Shot Glass
  • Ziploc Bag/ Piping Bag
Handheld Mandolin
Cut Resistant Gloves
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