3 Way Waffle Shot

3 Way Waffle Shot

Staying on the theme of presenting old things in new ways, say hello to these little cutie pie waffle shots.

I would now like to show you three ways to use them.

Also, can we quickly acknowledge how environmentally friendly these are?! THEY ARE EDIBLE PEOPLE!!! And lined with Belgian white chocolate, if these don’t get you hyped, then I’m not sure what will.

FLIGHTESS TIP: Don't forget, Macarons can be garnishes too, always nice to pick a few up at Whole Foods to keep around
3 Way Waffle Shot

Berry Bowl Waffleshot

Berry bowl waffleshot

Ice Cream with Whipped Cream Waffleshot

Ice-cream with whipped cream waffleshot

Espresso Shot with Foamed Milk Waffleshot

espresso shot with foamed milk waffleshot

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