Dried Apricot, Blue Cheese Canapés

Dried Apricot, Blue Cheese Canapés

Let me explain why Canapés are my secret weapon with the #FlightessPhilosophy

Every Flight Attendant can relate to the heart-pounding-pressure induced service flow of your onboard guest’s meal. It can be nerve-wracking to ensure that the flow of your dining experience is executed perfectly. You’re balancing oven-cooking times, a microwave, setting up for a formal dinner table in the cabin, refilling drinks, performing wine service, all while ensuring your galley doesn’t look like a bomb just exploded. There are so many pieces to this puzzle and each one has to be executed with precision and the utmost finesse and grace.

From the time you set your tablecloth, forks, knives, napkins, butter, and condiments; your guests are waiting. They’re ready to eat, and the sight of their table being set without any food to accompany it only exacerbates their hunger more. It’s a critical time for the Flight Attendant in the galley to act with haste in getting the first course out.

This is where the true art of the canapé comes into play.

I never list my canapés on the menu for the guests to see. I want them to be completely and totally surprised by a small serving tray emerging from the galley with bite size, beautiful canapés for them to enjoy while I slip back into the galley with ease to continue preparing their first course.

It is truly the art of distraction.

Not only does it create the sensation of a fine dining meal where the Chef sends out an unexpected amuse bouche to each table, but it creates a threshold of time for you as the Flight Attendant to then take a breath, and thoroughly plate and prepare your first course. It not only sets the tone, but also the pace for the experience you are wielding for your guests.

This canapé is super fast and easy to assemble and best of all requires no heating or cooking which is a critical factor in preparation time.
Dried Apricot
Blue Cheese


  • Blue cheese
  • Dried Apricot
  • Crushed Pistachios
  • Honey
  • Micro green for garnish


  • Crush pistachios with heavy object
  • Roll crumbled blue cheese with crushed pistachios until well mixed
  • Place small ball of rolled blue cheese and pistachio onto dried apricot
  • Place a small dollop of honey on top of blue cheese ball and garnish with micro green

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