Breakfast du Jour – Creme Brulee Waffles with Berries and Yogurt Topping

Breakfast du Jour – Creme Brulee Waffles with Berries and Yogurt Topping

Creme Brulee Waffles with Berries and Yogurt Topping

by Breana Paris


  • Frozen waffles (2 per person)
  • Frozen berries (1/4 cup)
  • Unsweetened Yogurt (1/4 cup)
  • Mint (4 leaves-Chiffonade)
  • Butter (1/2 TBSP)
  • Maple Syrup (2 TBSP)


      1. Begin by wrapping each waffle in a damp paper towel
      2. Microwave 2 waffles for 1 minute and 30 seconds.
      3. While they are defrosting, heat 1/2 TBSP of butter with 2 TBSP maple syrup in a pan over low to medium heat. Stir with whisk or a non-stick spoon.
      4. Once the mixture starts to bubble, turn the heat to low and add your
        waffles. They will instantly soak up the mixture so be sure to flip as to coat evenly.
      5. Microwave the frozen berries in a microwave-safe dish for 45 seconds, or until just bubbling. While those are defrosting, increase the heat for the waffles until they become golden to dark brown – ensue delicious smells of crystallized butter and sugar!

To Assemble:
Place the waffles on a plate, followed by a generous drizzle of
yogurt, and finally adding the berries. Garnish with mint.

Et Voila! A Breakfast dish to satisfy any sweet tooth craving
without being too sweet.

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Native to the Central Coast of California, I’ve been fortunate to have access to the freshest organic produce as well as beautiful outdoors suitable for hiking, camping and beach going- just a few of my interests! I’ve had a passion for home cooking at a young age- doting behind my mom in grocery stores to pick out ingredients to Rachel Ray’s “30-minute Meal” recipes that I would try to recreate at 12 years old. How I managed to avoid my family from contracting food poisoning- I have no idea.

I recall a memory one Thanksgiving where my mom was healing from a back injury, and I took it upon myself to cook a full dinner spread- without a dishwasher, but alas with a handy toaster oven! Little did I know then how my practice with restrictive kitchen appliances would come to my aid one day.

After a brief apprenticeship in Sales and Marketing directly reflective of my college studies my wanderlust soul became restless. I found a job offering for a cabin attendant position in a city close to where I lived, and I persisted until I landed an interview to the company I now work for. I’ve been a Corporate Flight Attendant for a little over 3 years with experience on Challengers, Gulfstreams, and Global Express’. I’m pleased to say that I have yet to stop learning the vast fascinations of the aviation industry!

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