Godiva Garden Pudding

Godiva Garden Pudding


Here’s a phrase you’ve heard before… two birds one stone.

The dual take-aways at play here are simply this:

  • Keep a pack of Godiva Chocolate Pudding shelf mix on your plane as its an easy emergency dessert GO-TO.
  • And, if you can’t make the food pretty; change the vessel you present it in.

The Godiva chocolate pudding here has no recipe; you literally add milk and whisk for 2 mins (even my darling, dear, sweet, fiancè can do it, which believe me, says a lot). The only notable is that it does require 20 mins to chill and settle so plan accordingly. As simple as this is, it does not lack in taste, it is truly spectacularly delicious pudding.

I like to play it up by taking the “Worm Pudding” we all loved as kids, and creating the adult version I affectionately call “Godiva Garden“. I use these mini galvanized pales as my pudding vessel with crushed Oreo pieces as our “dirt” (the crunch and creaminess is an awesome textural combination) and our sprout growing in the garden is a fresh sprig of mint!

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