Grocery to Gourmet Crudité

Grocery to Gourmet Crudité

Crudités are raw vegetables which can be cut into small pieces, sticks, or thinly sliced. They are usually served with some sort of dip, and they are a catering GO-TO in private aviation

Let me break down this Crudité for you, I had minimal time to prepare and shop for my flight and therefore had to get VERY resourceful in Paris. I picked up a standard “Ready To Go” platter of crudités from the local grocery store alongside a few other add ons and knew I could transform it into something beautiful.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Color– How can you add as much color variety as possible? Radishes are always an easy way to add a pop of pink among the greens and oranges. Most Crudites come standard with a ranch dip or hummus, I actually picked up a red pepper pesto and used it as my dip not only for its gorgeous color, but also flavor.
  • Shape– Create cohesive shapes among your vegetables, it should be diverse enough to derive contrast for the eye but if not executed properly, will create a chaotic mess. Precision of shape is what keeps it delicate, interesting, and beautiful

So we know to keep color and shape in mind, but how do we actually execute turning a standard grocery store platter into something far more complex?

We have tools.. and with tools come techniques.

Using a mandolin or peeler, change the shape of your vegetables! DO NOT PLATE EVERYTHING AS IS! My friend Lauren does an incredible job of using her peeler to transform her vegetables into whimsical shapes for her amazing crudité platter.

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I personally cannot live without my Handheld Mandolin. I use it for almost every flight! Additionally, when working with delicate items and there is a serious need for precision of placement, my culinary tongs are another tool that is a MUST HAVE inflight.

Remember my post on the “Power of Fennel Fonds”? HINT HINT: they work as an amazing garnish for Crudités.
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