Interactive Artist Cookie [Kids Onboard]

Interactive Artist Cookie [Kids Onboard]

We all know being a CFA means being a jack of all trades– which sometimes equates to playing part-time nanny inflight. But I am here to tell you, this is a sure way to score big points with your respective principles, because if their kids are happy, they’re happy.

Rule Number One:
Always get parent’s permission before serving a child ANYTHING

sneakily ask by taping a post it note to the bottom of my serving tray and then discreetly raising the tray in front of the parents that asks if the child is allowed to have a special treat or identify exactly what it is I have up my sleeve. ( In this case, Organic Fresh Sugar Cookie etc).

You want to avoid asking the parents point blank in front of the child because if the child becomes aware, and then overhear that they cannot have that special treat, that makes the parent the enemy in their eyes.

We want to keep everyone happy, so go about it strategically so as not to induce any tantrums or meltdowns.

Fun fact: I was a nanny before becoming a Flight Attendant, I really love getting to combine my experiences when kids are on my flight!

So here is what you need for this fun dessert/activity…



  • Sugar Cookie Dough
  • Candy melts or icing or whipped Cream with food dye


  • roll out cookie dough ( can be done with wine bottle onboard) until flat and 1cm thick
  • bake according to directions [350 for 9-11 minutes]
  • once cooled stamp out palette shapes with cookie cutter
  • melt red, yellow and blue candy melts and place in dollops, or add icing in dollops, or food dyed whipped cream in small dollops
  • with a knick of cream cheese on the plate, smush the paint brush so it holds in place and won’t roll around
  • let the kid paint a masterpiece on the white plate (his or her canvas!)
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