[Plane]made Coffee Tiramisu

[Plane]made Coffee Tiramisu

Eileen killin’ it at 40,000ft per usual

I am so excited to FINALLY share a #PlaneMade recipe by one of my favorite Corporate Flight Attendants ever! Eileen is not only extraordinarily talented in the galley but she is lovely beyond what I could put into words here. DJ Steve Aoki once shouted her out on Instagram for being the raddest of them all and I have to agree with him, she’s pretty damn rad.

What I love about Eileen and her galley philosophy is she not only works hard, but works SMART ! Which means she keeps her galley super clean and minimal mess while she’s preparing any recipe ( a skill we could all work on!).

Now, about that Tiramisu…..

Tools Needed
  • 1 Pyrex measuring cup
  • 1 small molding pan or ring
  • 1 offset spatula
  • 1 espresso spoon
  • 1 whisk


  • Coffee infused Mascarpone/ 1 cup of mascarpone (let it come to room temperature so its easy to whisk)
  • 1 Satchet of instant coffee
  • 1 TSP of hot water
  • 1/4 Cup of heavy whipping cream
  • 1 Coffee flavored yogurt (optional, can be made without but adds good balance of tartness and makes a buildable whipping cream substitute!)
  • 2 Drops of vanilla extract
  • Ladyfingers or Madeleines
  • 1 cup of espresso
Tiramisu Paste Instructions
  • In a pyrex measuring cup, mix the hot water and coffee sachet.  Stir until you get a very dark , concentrated coffee mixture
  • Pour mascarpone into pyrex cup and whisk
  • Pour whipping cream and yogurt in pyrex cup and whisk
  • Add 2 drops of vanilla extract and mix
  • Keep chilled while you prepare the sponge cake.
Espresso Soaked Spongecake Directions
  • Take a few ladyfingers and put it in a small ziplock bag.  Madeline’s also work great in the situation because they absorb well
  • Crush the ladyfingers or madeleines in the bag till they crumb
  • Build a sponge like consistency by slowly pouring a bit of espresso on the cake or lady finger while lightly squeezing the bag.  The amount of espresso you use should be at your discretion as you don’t want to have more espresso than cake otherwise it will be too gooey.  You want to have a moldable and spongey texture. 
  • Put in ice chest and chill for 5 minutes.  You don’t want the spongecake to be hot from the espresso otherwise it will melt the mascarpone cream.
Building the Tiramisu
  • Place your new espresso spongecake into the molding pan and spread till you have a good first layer of cake
  • Pour in the espresso mascarpone straight from the Pyrex. 
  • Add another layer of  spongecake
  • Pour in a final layer of espresso mascarpone till you reach the top of the molding pan
  • Sculpt the top layer with a offset spatula
  • Let sit for 3 minutes
  • Slowly lift molding pan
  • With the spatula lightly mold the sides of the cake till smooth
  • Decorate as you wish!
Espresso ready to be poured into crumbled cake
Squeezing spongecake in bag
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