[Plane]made Perfect Hard Boil Eggs

[Plane]made Perfect Hard Boil Eggs

Eggs are the most versatile ingredient known to man. I always keep at least a half dozen eggs in my fridge bag for those “just in case” quick whip-up meals, I can make a dessert, breakfast, savory omelette and NOW perfect hard boiled eggs.

All you need is this kettle. Not only does the kettle have the lowest voltage possible to work in an aircraft galley, it heats water up CRAZY fast!

I love that it is compressible for storage too, added bonus when there already isn’t enough space in your galley!

Did you know the 100 folds (toques) of a chef's hat are said to represent the many different ways a chef knows to cook eggs?


Place eggs in kettle and cover with water, switch ON button and allow to boil and then switch OFF once boiling for 1 minute. For a soft boil egg, leave in the kettle untouched after boiling for 6-7 minutes, for a true hard boiled egg, leave in for 10-11 minutes and place in ice bath to cool down for easy peeling!

Try serving hard boiled eggs with some good quality olive oil and sprinkled sea salt for a light healthy breakfast to your guests!

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