Radishes, the Secret Weapon

Radishes, the Secret Weapon

I’ll make this post pretty short and to the point. Because the point is…

Keep radishes in your fridge bag!

Boring looking salad? Radish. Add some color to your cruditè platters? Radish. Missing a crunch factor on your dish? Radish.

What’s super fun about this diverse vegetable is the color varieties they come in, watermelonpurple daikon or the classic pink bulbs are available in every grocery store.

FYI: It has also been said that radishes have special stomach-soothing properties and can help with digestion. Perfect for an inflight meal.

Raw radishes have a crisp texture with an almost peppery flavor profile which makes them great to use in salads and crudité. I love that I can introduce color and crunch into a dish with one ingredient.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to to slice your radish coins into strips to introduce another shape. The key philosophy here is to keep your cut vegetables uniform in shape and size, otherwise when you go to plate, it will look extremely messy without that uniformity in shape.

Handheld Mandolin
Cut Resistant Gloves

One tool that I cannot say enough good things about is my handheld mandolin It’s the one tool I use the most in the galley due to slicing my radishes uniform and thin.

If you’re going to use a mandolin, do yourself a favor and wear these cut resistant gloves while you’re at it.
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