Snow Pea Amuse Bouche

Snow Pea Amuse Bouche

Vegetarian or Vegan Passengers? I’ve got you covered. Isn’t it convenient when every component of your Amuse Bouche is completely edible? No need for a verrine, mini spoons/forks. A simple one-bite palate opener. I was challenged with a guest who loved Mediterranean flavors but was a vegetarian and less than 12 hours to design and source my menu. These ingredients are easily accessible from most supermarkets and are quick to throw together (by throw together I mean delicately arrange with the tenderness used for a newborn baby).

An ‘amuse bouche‘ is an appetizer, or a cocktail snack. It means something to tickle the palate, or literally, to ‘amuse or entertain the mouth’ [AHH-MUSE-BOOSH]


  • Snow Peas
  • Couscous Salad -Fresh crunchy cucumbers, tomato, carrots and green onions come alive with a twist of lemon juice, honey mustard, and olive oil [ Pre-made at Whole Foods/Gourmet Grocer]
  • Lemon Zest
  • Fennel Fond
  • Edible Flower (optional)
  • (Tomato) Sea Salt


  • Cut Snow Pea in half by gliding your pairing knife alongside the seam and gently push open the lips of the pea
  • Fill with couscous
  • Using precision tongs, place lemon zest within couscous alongside a few salt crystals
  • Lastly, garnish with a fennel fond and edible flower

What makes this assembly easy is having precision tongs to place delicate ingredients- find them here!

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