Three Ingredient Delight

Three Ingredient Delight

Who would have ever thought grocery shopping would become a higher risk errand? Even when we are able to secure a slot time on InstaCart or Whole Foods Delivery, there’s no guarantee we are getting everything we requested.

How do we still deliver “WOW” with these circumstances?

With this in mind, I wanted to roll out a universal dish that has minimal ingredients and most items could be found in a leftover fruit platter from the caterer, in your fridge bag or even in your standard pantry drawer stock. It needed to be something that was simple in nature, but significant in taste and presentation. Something that had the versatility to be served for a breakfast ( a tart hybrid of berries and cream and a yogurt parfait ) or even a refreshing, light dessert adjacent to a Fruit Salad and Raw Crumble.

We’re taking something simple, and we’re making it significant with a flick of the wrist and plating refinement.
Using tongs allows you to plate with precision and ease where fingers may be cumbersome to reach exact location. It also gives you some space so as to not be working directly on top of the dish and breathing on food that is intended to be consumed by someone else.


  • Any fruit or berries you have
  • Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Granola


  • Let’s start our Mis En Place by first chilling our plate, this will help when we go to serve to ensure that there is still a slight chill on the food. I put my plate in the freezer (or fridge) for a few minutes before serving
  • We cut up our fruit and have it ready to go, this means slicing our blueberries and raspberries in half, punching out fruit pieces with our mini cookie cutter shapes
  • Using a bowl with high edges, pour heavy cream and begin to whip upwards on the side of the bowl. This creates more surface area for the air to come into contact with the cream and allow it to integrate AKA WHIPPED CREAM!
  • Using a hot spoon, dip into your whipped cream until you have a perfect dollop shape to plate onto your dish
  • Add fruit, sprinkle granola. No frills, just beautiful.
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