Essential Items for Every Attendant’s Flight Bag

Essential Items for Every Attendant’s Flight Bag

Planning for travel can be fraught with challenges, as you try to balance how long you will be away with the essentials you may need.

That becomes a little more complex when you are a flight attendant, despite traveling to different countries your stay may only be brief. So how do you pick what goes in your bag for the working day, and what does not? What if there is a delay, what might you need then that you would not normally?

The New York Times describes how delays are becoming more common, which means a degree of contingency planning on the attendant’s behalf. How can you balance the uncertainty with the necessity to ensure you have the right items to make your life easier?

Here is a selection of items that should be a staple of all flight attendant’s carry-on items.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Currently, a mobile phone is essential to everyday life and surely forms part of any flight attendant’s carry-on items. Mobile accessories are almost as important as the phone itself, and these days there are plenty of options for you to boost your phone’s usefulness. Adorama has a range of mobile accessories, including the Apple 20W USB power adaptor, which will ensure you can charge your iPhone when you need to. They also have power banks available, which ensure you never get caught without battery life, even on a delayed flight or unexpected overnight stay. Staying connected is something essential in all walks of life, so ensuring you can do so even if you end up delayed in another country is important.


Flying is drying, on the skin at least. The humidity is a cabin is around 10%, according to Humnutrition, making it drier than the Sahara Desert. Whilst that may be okay for passengers making sporadic journeys, it can be hugely detrimental to the skin of an attendant. Attendants will always drink plenty of water to combat the effects, but having a plan for your skin is just as important. Therefore, moisturizer is a must for those carry-on bags, to ensure you remain hydrated on the outside, as well as the inside. On the same theme, lip balm is also important to help prevent cracked, dry lips.

Extra Shoes

Seasoned flight attendants will already know this, but many airlines require females to wear two-inch heels around an airport. That is simply not practical on a 10-hour flight, so an extra pair of shoes often forms part of the carry-on. Many attendants will have a pair of flat, comfortable shoes to wear during flights, known as ‘in-flights’, which allow them to work comfortably. Some have even been known to have a pair of flip-flops as part of their carry-on too, just in case a flight gets rerouted or delayed near a beach!

A Good Book

On longer flights, a good old-fashioned novel or book is also essential for an attendant. This comes in handy not only during a flight, but also on a wait for a return journey, or for filling in those short delays. Time passes quickly when you get stuck into a good book, and it is not only passengers who enjoy turning pages whilst at 30,000 feet.

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