Flight Attendant Pregnant Must-Haves!

Flight Attendant Pregnant Must-Haves!

As my newborn baby sleeps most of the day away- I finally have time to list everything that got me thru 32 weeks of flying pregnant!

*Please remember- I consulted with my doctor and was approved to fly up to 32 weeks pregnant. I had a very healthy pregnancy and a very healthy baby. Therefore, please kindly keep any personal opinions regarding whether a flight attendant should be flying while pregnant to yourself.

1. Compression everything. All the time.

It’s no secret that when you are pregnant, a majority of your weight gain is just extra fluids in your body. Wearing compression socks or pantyhose is already a healthy habit when flying; but when you’re pregnant, it’s a non-negotiable. During the flight, you need to take care of your blood circulation. There is low pressure in the cabin. It increases strain on your arteries and veins, which is already hard if you’re pregnant. Thus, you need to wear compression socks or compression stockings.

I did a tremendous amount of research on which compression socks would do the job and ultimately landed on VIM&VIGR. I had them in all the colors and in my third trimester I wore them from morning to night.

VIM & VIGR Moisture Wick Nylon 15-20 mmHg Graduated Compression
JOBST Maternity Opaque Compression Waist High Pantyhose Stockings, Closed Toe, 15-20 mmHg Support

2. Stretchy Uniform Dresses

I stopped fitting into my regular work dresses in my second trimester, therefore I had to find comfortable, stretchy, and professional dresses for flying. Since it was short-term, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on pregnancy uniforms.

I sized up to a medium in these stretchy dresses and it worked all thru my third trimester.

VFSHOW Womens Tie Neck Slim Work Office Dress
VFSHOW Womens Front Zipper Slim Work Office Business

3. Pregnancy Glow in a Bottle?

You know everyone always says to pregnant women “YOU’RE GLOWING!!!” okay well I have done the research and turns out people only said that to me when I was quite literally wearing this highlighter. 100% swear by this product for a natural glow.

Iconic London Illuminator Liquid Highlight
To top this quick blog post off here are a few of my other flying while pregnant packing tips:

Pack comfort clothes, I by no means looked stylish while out on trips. I packed Vuori Joggers in size XL to fit high on my tummy, Beyond Yoga Pregnancy Tank Tops, I lived in Skimms underwear and bras, and also stayed in my jammies ~ swear by Eberjay, for most of my layovers!

For shoes, I wore my OnCloud when not in my work/uniform shoes.

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