10 Ways to Bring Hospitality to Your Guest Room

10 Ways to Bring Hospitality to Your Guest Room

Service, in short, is not what you do. Rather, who you are. It’s a way of living that you need to bring to everything you do if you’re going to bring into your client interactions.

- Jamie Gibson, founder of Flightess

The idea of this post is that part of what makes Corporate Flight Attendants great at being intentional and thoughtful is that we live our lives in a way which the philosophy of hospitality bleeds into everything that we do.

I couldn’t help but think about this as I was furnishing my guest room in my home and preparing it for guests staying with me. True luxury hospitality for me is the art of acting on the unexpressed wishes of your guests, therefore most of these ideas are catered to the thoughtful details of unexpressed wishes.

As someone who thrives in the details as most CFA’s do, I thought you all might enjoy this more “personal” post at home, á la “Flightess at home. Perhaps this will inspire some ideas for your guests onboard!

1. Fresh Flowers

When my guests first enter their room, I want it to have strong visual elements that make it look clean, bright, and elegant. Fresh flowers are always a win and since launching the Flightess Floral Course, I really enjoy creating my own seasonal arrangements.

2. Technology Comfort

When my guests come, I want them to know my WiFi password without having to ask or without me having to lift up my router and chant a difficult series of numbers and letters at them. Additionally, with people carrying multiple forms of gadgets such as iPads, cell phones, e-readers and other techie things, I want them to have plenty of accessibility for charging hence I keep a USB charging station plugged in and ready to use behind the vanity desk so they do not have to worry about finding an outlet.

3. Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

Obviously, I had to bring the Snack Box concept to the guest room. I had a mix of sweet, salty, and savory snacks procured from Whole Foods so that if my guests need a little something to hold them over for a meal, or something quick to grab-on-the-go, its right there for them for the taking.

I will list some of my favorite Snack Box finds below:

  • Pandan Zig-Zag Woven Box- Target
  • Multiple Decorative Boxes with Mother of Pearl Tile Inlay – Home Depot
  • Shagreen Box- Amazon
  • Gold Knocker Box Set- Wayfair
  • Gunmetal Snake Print Box- Wayfair
  • Centralia Glass Decorative Box – Wayfair
  • All Glass Decorative Box- Wayfair
  • Large Reeded Glass Oval Box – Bloomingdales

4. Amenities

We all sometimes forget a toiletry at home which I why I keep a second box under my snack box full of those “I forgot” common items such as dental kits, makeup remover, razors etc. I will usually stock any amenities from nice resorts I stay at while working and even keep the samples I receive from Sephora or Ulta in my guest room amenity box. You can of course always be “extra” and have full on amenity kits for your guests too. Here are a few of my favorite

5. Selection of Books

My fiancé and I are both avid readers therefore we like to create a small library of some of our favorite books we have read and enjoyed in different genres. Books are sometimes bulky to pack, therefore I like to provide a selection for guests to take a book if they wish and curl up somewhere in our home to read. This makes for great conversations with guests at the dinner table to talk about a book that two or more of us have read.

Here are some of my favorites:

6. Luggage Rack

Don’t make your guests break their back leaning over to the floor to reach their luggage, purchase a foldable luggage rack for them to place their suitcases upon easily


7. Luxe Towels & Robes

I want my guests to feel like they are staying at the Ritz Carlton therefore I purchase Spa robes from the Ritz (dry-cleaned in between guest stays!) and nice fluffy towels presented nicely folded in a small bin

8. Phone Charger Bedside

Since the guest bed covers the outlet on the wall, I plugged in two chargers in an extension cord and have Apple lightening chargers resting on cord organizers that have been placed on the inside of the nightstand. This way my guests can charge their phone easily while they sleep. Also having a small bottle of water on the nightstand for guests in case they wake up thirsty. Some hosts prefer to offer a pitcher and glass for water but I find that bottled is a bit easier to set out before arrival and eliminate the risk of spilling.

Cord Organizer- Amazon

9. Pop up Laundry Bag

Depending how long your guests are staying, they may indeed have some dirty laundry. Instead of having them house it in their suitcase with their clean clothes or clutter up the room, give them a place to put their dirty clothes and offer to launder it for them too! Best part is that this one collapses so once a guest departs I can stow it easily

10. Jewelry Catch-all

As a woman who wears earrings, a ring daily, I want to have a safe place to keep it while washing my face and sleeping versus allowing it to freely sit on top of my nightstand. Therefore keeping a nice jewelry catch-all or ring holder in your guest bathroom sink or nightstand is a thoughtful touch for your female guests to keep their jewelry in safe place

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