Making a Bed Inflight on a Private Jet

Making a Bed Inflight on a Private Jet

I always say that everything about the performance of an Inflight Experience, served by a Private Jet Flight Attendant, is about time and motion.

How much time does it take you to complete a given task?
How much motion does it take you to complete a given task?

What I mean by this is if a client asks for a simple diet coke with a lemon wedge, but your diet cokes are buried three bins deep in your galley drawer and you didn’t prepare pre-cut lemon/lime wedges before your guests arrived, you are now not only creating a tremendous amount of motion (digging through bins and quickly slicing up a lemon), but you are also using more time than usual to complete a simple guest request.

Hermes fabrics for the duvet covers, throw pillows and bed scarf

The truth is, a client doesn’t want to sit and wait longer than they originally anticipated for anything, which normally translates to a graceful, but very expeditious expectation.

And you want to know what is the most nerve-inducing, ceremoniously ungraceful, time-staking, task that any Flight Attendant has to do in front of a client? Making a bed.

We don’t always have the luxury to make a bed on the ground, prior to a guest’s arrival, due to certain FAA or EASA restrictions. We are sometimes tasked with birthing an inflight bed when a sleepy client is watching everything we do, or even breaking down a bed before landing due to restrictions, which believe me, can look incredibly stressful.

I recently discovered and used PrimaDonna Luxury Inflight Bedding. The PrimaDonna team specializes in two bedding systems for private jets, the PrimaLux Mattress, as well as the Diep Sleep System.

PrimaLux Mattress

Have you ever had to deal with a bed inflight that requires the air tubes on the corners to be deployed for birthing or secured for stowing? If you’ve ever made a divan bed in front of a client that is eagerly ready to sleep, you know first-hand how those minutes feel like forever while waiting for the mattress to inflate — OR — have you ever laboriously had to unroll a giant foam mattress from its casing after upheaving it from its stowage?

What I love about the PrimaLux Mattress is that it eliminates both of those problems.

The PrimaLux Mattress is a customizable memory foam mattress designed for a bespoke superior sleep experience. Its tri-fold design makes it a snap to set up and stow in minutes and eliminates the need for a bulky, temperamental, or time-consuming pump. The PrimaLux stowage case is designed with smart compression to eliminate a majority of the bulkiness when stowed in cargo (this particular fact is crucial to every pilot that complains about how much space bedding takes up in the cargo).

Diamond – Elegance Bedding collection in silver and Ivory

The tri-fold design and compression storage bag eliminate the need for any additional piece of compression that requires you to roll up the foam mattress on top of its “buckle casing” to fit in its stowage bag.

Pro Tip: Most private planes fly at 3 degrees nose up while in cruise, therefore beds should be made with the head and pillows towards the cockpit to prevent blood flow from rushing to the head while sleeping.
Club Seat Bed
Divan Bed
Bespoke Bed Linen

Diep Sleep System

The Diep Sleep System is designed by a former aerospace engineer and redefines the complete air travel sleep experience from set up to stow away. It’s super lightweight and engineered for easy and graceful deployment. What do I mean by that? The entire bed takes less than 30 seconds to set up. That means less time for guests to be anxiously waiting, looking over your shoulder at everything you are doing, and counting the minutes before they can climb into their freshly made bed. 

Watch the video below to see how quickly this bedding system deploys and stows!

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The system allows you to not have to twist, turn, and bend the back of the club chair down in order to birth a bed. Some club chairs can be quite cumbersome to turn around fully when birthing and may even require you to sit on them for some added weight to help ease the required 180 degree turn necessary for setting up the bed. All of this motion can be a bit disruptive to the passenger experience (see photo reference).

You can have a deployed bed within 30 seconds with the Diep Sleep System, rather than wrestling with the club chair and adding potential pressure, weight, and damage to the back of the chair.

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Below you can see how the Diep Sleep System stows to the size of a briefcase, which makes it incredibly easy to stow behind a seat and ready to be assembled after take-off.

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