Middle Eastern Culture Serving Tips

Middle Eastern Culture Serving Tips

I love being able to share this platform with other fantastic Flight Attendants. Flightess always welcomes guest contributors to share their strengths and tips with this community and I am so happy to be able to feature one Flightess reader who wishes to remain anonymous yet wanted to contribute some tips for serving Middle Eastern passengers.

“With the infrastructure of the private jet industry expanding in 2020 and the differences in culture, habits and needs of its customers, I thought I would share few tips that could be handy to a flight attendant operating in the region with Arab guests”

So yes, we do refer to passengers as guests and that is also common in commercial airlines when referring to premium class passengers.

In the Arab world, and more specifically in the Gulf region, guests are welcomed onboard with the usual cold and hold towels sprayed with a scent or oil but do refrain from spraying them when offered during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan 2020 in United States will begin in the evening of Thursday, April 23 and ends in the evening of Saturday, May 23.

Also during this month as some guests might be fasting from sunrise to sunset it is general courtesy to avoid drinking or eating in front of them. We always try to establish whether a service will be offered ,in a very diplomatic way, at this time as some guests do not fast when traveling.

Arabic coffee or “Qahwah”:a mix of green coffee beans, cardamom seeds, cloves, saffron strands and rose water to which water is added( Caterers in Europe can provide it or you can stock up when in a middle eastern supermarket as they have ready to use sachets) .This is served as a welcoming drink or after a meal. It is offered boiling hot from a stainless steel pot in specific cups along with Arabic dates.

ALWAYS , ALWAYS SERVE WITH THE RIGHT HAND!!! If silver serving from a platter, hold the platter in your left forearm and the tongs in your right hand.

Catering Inspiration Ideas

  • Mezzeh platters
  • Meat and rice dishes served with yoghurt or vegetable stew
  • Fresh juices and ice cream are generally popular choices.
And when ordering your catering ask for Halal meat, most caterers around the world are able to provide it. Avoid pork and alcohol in your order as a sign of respect.

Thank you so much to our wonderful anonymous guest and the entire Flightess community for enriching our industry with your knowledge!

If anyone else would like to be a guest contributor on Flightess, email me here !

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