Outfitting a Private Jet

Outfitting a Private Jet

For this post, I tapped the shoulder of Luxury Inflight SupplierPrimadonna to help us understand how bespoke pieces can really make all the difference when outfitting an aircraft.

Primadonna is female owned and operated, and has been in business for 20+ years. Their designers are made up of individuals who hail from powerhouse aviation design companies, such as Gulfstream and Bombardier.

As some private jet owners outgrow their jets and move on to newer models or manufacturers, one thing stays the same, they continue to use Primadonna for their bespoke inflight outfitting. The longevity of relationships they’ve created with their ultra high net-worth clients is a testament to their keen eye for luxury design and craftsmanship.

If you ever attend an EBACE or NBAA conference and visit one of the major private jet manufacturer’s demo planes, you will see a very significant and real difference in the visual look and feel of the interior. It feels like luxury and aesthetically it simply “fits”. The selection of blankets, throw pillows, bedding, tablecloths, china, crystal, and flatware is all scaled perfectly to look like it belongs in a private jet.

The reason that Gulfstream, Bombardier, and other OEM’s make the investment to get custom bespoke interior decor pieces is because a private jet is not scaled to have the same dimensions of a home or hotel. It is a confined space with smaller tables, chairs, beds, couches (divans) and credenzas. Therefore, what works in someone’s home that is purchased straight off a shelf won’t necessarily work or look the same way on a private jet.

...what works in someone’s home that is purchased straight off a shelf, won’t necessarily work or look the same way on a private jet.

Functionality also plays a huge role in what items are selected to be put on and used for a client’s jet. Can the throw blanket also be used as a bed skirt? Can the throw pillows be used for the bedding? Do all of the patterns, fabrics and colors align in a complimentary cohesive way throughout the cabin?

These are all of the questions that the designers at Primadonna answer with expertise.

Bespoke Bedding

If you read the post about Making a Bed Inflight, you know that time and motion are two critical factors in the guest’s inflight experience. Making a bed in front of a guest can be completely stressful and not always graceful… and I didn’t even dive into the scenario of putting a duvet insert inside a duvet cover.

However, dare I say, duvets may be an aviation thing of the past due to Primadonna’s luxury custom quilts.

Primadonna has created two-layered quilts that can be Mongolian cashmere wool on top or Italian luxury linen, and 550 Lux Sateen cotton on the bottom, resembling the “flat sheet” of a bed.

If you’re a flight attendant whose ever struggled to make a bed as fast as you can inflight, you know how exciting this new bedding quilt is.

That means you only put a custom fitted sheet over the mattress, followed by the Primadonna quilt, and boom your bed is done! The cashmere has the weight of a duvet, but the cotton underneath feels like a luxuriously high thread count flat sheet.

If you buy anything custom for your inflight bedding linens, let it be sheets. There is no such thing as store-bought sheets that actually fit the dimensions of any private jet bed nicely (believe me I’ve tried). Having proper fitted sheets make all the difference in appearance and tautly fitting feel for a client’s sleep experience onboard.

Bespoke Pillows & Throws

The perfect throw pillows add a lot more than comfort to a private jet’s interior. They finish and enhance the look of the interior. The smallest details make all the difference. That’s why such delicate attention is paid to each and every stitch; each and every pillow matters on these 65 million dollar planes. Intricate detailing, fabric, adornments, and sizing create endless design possibilities. The Primadonna designers work to create a one-of-a kind style and theme for every private jet.

Did you know you can buy Hermés or Loro Piana fabric by the yard? It’s certainly not cheap, but then again, neither are private jets. Primadonna will purchase the exact amount of fabric needed to make custom throw pillows and blankets that will dually work on chairs or a made-up bed.

Dine Kit

Impress your passengers from the moment they sit down to dine and are given a custom leather bound menu. Serve an elegant meal, presented with perfectly sized condiment dishes that can be used for canapés on the side fuselage, exquisite bread baskets, custom linens, horn rimmed steak knives, and complete the setting with beautiful flowers in the perfect vase.

Not all fine dining items are created equally, remember how we discussed above that private jets are not the same size of homes? They are scaled down proportionately; therefore, the tables are smaller too. This curated collection of dining items are scaled properly to look elegant and beautiful on a club seat table, without taking up too much precious real estate.

Every piece selected has “the Private Jet Fit“.

Primadonna also offers custom-sized Chamant tablecloths by MATOUK that will perfectly fit and drape your tables inflight (another impossible purchase to find off a store shelf).

Galley Kit

These Galley Kits have been assembled, with feedback from the most elite aviation professionals in the industry, to ensure that service is practical and efficient. Every need has been anticipated and met with style, function, and quality in mind. Elegant stainless steel serving pieces are easy to clean and will never tarnish, and paired with stainless serving trays, you will appreciate each item’s functionality and your passengers will be impressed with their understated elegance.

Contact Primadonna here for all questions and inquiries!
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