Private Jet Floral Arrangements

Private Jet Floral Arrangements

Flowers are a huge component of creating a luxurious and comfortable space in your cabin.

I reached out to my favorite florist in Annapolis, MD, Gateway Florists to teach us about the art of designing floral arrangements intended to be used on a private jet and what factors a Flight Attendant must consider and request when placing their orders.

Gateway Florist is used by all the Yachts when they come to Annapolis and dock for the summer and believe it or not there are a ton of similar design and practicality factors that coincide between yachting and private jet florals.

Mary is one of the extremely talented designers at Gateway, she studied in London at The Jane Parker School of Flowers and has been a floral designer for 30+ years. Check out her video below. Check out her U-Glue tabs here!

I personally tend to favor more modern, sleeker, floral arrangement in the cabin as I think the aesthetic is more linear to the overall sophistication of a Private Jet itself.

Here are some of my go-to’s broken down here below:

Working in tiers

One of the easiest ways to create a modern floral arrangement is to work in 2-3 tiers of single type flower or color. Think of holding a wedding bouquet in your hand and begin stacking the flowers in different tiers and levels around one another, use floral tape to hold them together once finished, then place in vase and hide stems with decorative rocks (see video)

Think outside the box

Use Bear Grass to tuck in and out of your arrangement to create “loops” to accent flowers or create a halo effect around the design. It can also be used to decorate the inside of a clear vase for a modern theme

Floral foam

If you are going to use floral foam, be sure to use oasis floral foam and pre-soak it. WARNING: It is VERY messy!!! It does help extend keep the arrangement’s life span and you can cover it with rocks or green leaf ribbon.

DIY Modern Floral Arrangements
DIY Modern Floral Arrangements
DIY Modern Floral Arrangements
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