Splurge vs. Save – Scarves for Private Jet Flight Attendants

Splurge vs. Save – Scarves for Private Jet Flight Attendants

Private jets can be outfitted/kitted with some of the most luxurious brands in the world, from Loro Piana cashmeres to Baccarat Crystal to Versace plates. The budget for these birds is literally limitless sometimes as their respective owners certainly want it to be a reflection of themselves and their lifestyle.

One of the first gifts and uniform “requirements” (loose meaning of the word here due to what I am about to say) I ever received on a private account I worked was an Hermès Twilly scarf from one of the aircraft owners. She loved the idea of having her flight attendant “match the office” vibe. It was extremely generous and a notion of kindness I’ll never forget.

I too loved the idea of having a luxe little scarf around my neck that historically indicated an occupation in the sky, but with a slight upgrade. I certainly subscribe to the belief that corporate flight attendants are not meant to be the star of the show onboard, therefore the uniform should follow that notion. Nothing too loud, too flashy, or too “look at me”. Most of my uniform pieces are extremely simple, well tailored, in muted colors such as black and navy blue with a white blouse occasionally.

That being said, I do love the elegance of a luxe twill scarf around my neck. Recently in a few photos on Instagram, I’ve been asked where I buy my scarfs I wear whilst flying so I thought we could play a game of a splurge vs. save SCARF EDITION!!


Burberry Twilly $190
Dolce & Gabbana- On Sale $111
Gucci $195
Dior $250
Fendi $173
Gucci $195
Loro Piana $175
Chloe $190
Burberry $185


Wolf & Badger $39
Ralph Lauren $19
Etsy $8.99
Etsy $12.86
Etsy $19.99
Etsy $10
Etsy $20
Amazon $12
Etsy $9.99
Etsy $45
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