The Corporate Flight Attendant Uniform – Splurge vs. Save

The Corporate Flight Attendant Uniform – Splurge vs. Save

The strength and worth of any building are determined by the strength of its foundation. Without a strong foundation, anything built upon it is in jeopardy. Cracks in the foundation of a house will decimate its value. As far as your flight goes, the most basic foundation you build upon is your appearance and uniform.

– Jamie, Flightess Mentorship program

This post has excerpts from the Flightess Mentorship Program and is copyrighted. If you are interested in learning more fundamental skills to polish yourself professionally, please schedule a call with me directly to discuss the Flightess Mentorship Program.

Numerous studies have established that what we wear, whether a suit or casual clothes, even the colors of our outfits, such as a blue suit versus a brown suit, will influence others’ opinions of us. What we wear is a billboard on which we advertise our personal sentiments.

Therefore, the clothing we wear when working as a CFA should only be positive and beneficial towards our professional growth and influence. 

When it comes to the garments worn as your uniform as a CFA, some companies will have their own uniform guidelines and preferred brands, but they will in some ways fall into the following description of the dress code described here. It’s important to remember that you are there to blend seamlessly into your environment and not to stand out. The selection of your clothing should indicate that intention. Your office is a multi-million dollar jet, therefore make sure you pick good quality clothing that is well-tailored to your body to look extra sharp and polished. 

Uniforms allow you to put your best foot forward, but they are not an excuse for laziness. Failure to maintain a clean and professional uniform will harm your credibility with your guests before you even speak your first word. All the luxury hospitality techniques and touches you may have will not make up for a stain on your slacks or blouse. Being dressed for success is a necessary step to maintaining credibility with your passengers.

When you look at your uniform and declare that it is “good enough,” you are already giving yourself permission to let things slide for your entire flight. You have accepted “good enough” as the standard for the flight before even boarding the plane. It is impossible to be your best professional self when you are hoping your guests don’t notice a stain on your blouse.

Do not settle for “good enough.” 

It’s also important to note that you are not the client, so avoid flashy, blingy logos on belt buckles.

Avoid the following while in uniform:

  • Sitting down to eat or drink in a bar area while in uniform (if your uniform indicates you are clearly working in aviation)
  • Chewing gum
  • Smoking
  • Having any visible tattoos or non-earring facial piercings

PRO TIP:  Having sunglasses on your head makes you appear less polished, either wear them or put them away. If they are not on your face, they should be in your case!

Dresses - Splurge

Ann Taylor, square neck sheath dress $139
Ann Taylor, seamless stretch $159
Nordstrom, funnel neck Eliza J $128
Hugo Boss $398
Amazon, Calvin Klein $89
Amazon, Donna Morgan $111

Dresses - Save

Amazon $42
Amazon $40
Amazon $32
Amazon $30
Amazon $20
Amazon $40 (my favorite!!!!)
Amazon $42
Amazon $42
Amazon $35


  • Close Toe Shoes should be plain and smooth. Black leather is ideal.
  • My all time go-to favorites are Clarks Kaylin Cara
  • Heels should be thick to avoid damaging the aircraft carpet.
  • Inflight Service flats should be super comfortable and have no flashy adornments.
  • Rothys are great because you can throw them in the washing machine to clean, which is convenient should you have any inflight spills!
  • Take a look at your shoes before every flight. Many flight attendants overlook this part of their uniform but guests will notice right away.
  • If wearing a white blouse, be sure your undergarments are flesh-toned.
  • Any dress or skirt should be no higher than the top of the knee and always worn with pantyhose or tights (best to keep a second pair ready on hand should you snag your first pair!). My favorite, ride or die panty hose that make your legs look like J-Lo performance sheers are Wolford Neon 40 Gobi
  • If you choose to wear a scarf – make sure that it is nicely tied and a complimentary color (see Windsor knot tie video here) Flightess Splurge vs. Save Scarf Edition.
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