Things I Can’t Live Without as Flight Attendant

Things I Can’t Live Without as Flight Attendant

I gotta say, I love a good product recommendation, I do, if someone swears by something, I will more than likely (cough cough definitely) try it. 

So what are mine? What are things I JUST CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT!!! I’m here to tell you, throw it down, raw, unedited, what’s in my suitcase at any given moment babes.

Wolford Neon 40 Tights - Gobi

First of all you should know, my colleagues from my first airline affectionally nicknamed me “The Pantyhose Butcher”. I easily went thru a pair a flight. I’m not sure why as I don’t consider myself a recklessly clumsy person.

Anyways, to the point, here is the most magical pair of pantyhose you will ever own. They are on the $$$ side however, they do not snag, tear, or rip. Just beware of velcro, that is their only weakness. Did I mention they make your legs amazing?!

They have this gorgeous sheen to them that is jussssst enough without being over the top. I get compliments every time I wear them.

My favorite shade is Gobi!

Buy on Amazon here.

Blue Tooth Sleep Eye Mask

I am always trying to sleep at all times of day due to my crazy flying schedule. I can’t always count on having a quiet room with black-out curtains. This is why this eye mask is such a life saver because its has bluetooth with all the controls on the mask itself!

Have you ever tried to sleep on your side with earbuds or headphones? Its hurts!! Sometimes you need to drown out the hotel hallway noise and these are perfect for it. Did I mention this eye mask is also awesome for long flights as well? Must-have.

Make Up Eraser

So picture this… I have to be at my plane 2 hours before departure, therefore I’m normally getting ready an hour prior, and then I fly for up to 14 hours. That is a ton of time with makeup sitting on my face.

My skin is begging me to take it off by the time I land and reach my hotel. I’ve been a Neutrogena makeup remover wipe user for forever but I have to say I have converted to this magic makeup eraser as I once wiped my face with the Neutrogena and then the makeup eraser and guess what? I picked up SO MUCH MORE MAKEUP THAN THE NEUTROGENA WIPE!! I was floored.

So anyways, this make up eraser has about a week of towel space before it needs washing. Make sure it’s wet and go to town on your face. Your skin can thank me later.

Caudalie Divinity Oil (pronounced CAW-DA-LEE)

My skin tends to get really dry when I fly and I cannot stand it. This is my go-to-remedy. AND YES ITS 3.4oz!!!

This is a dry oil which means you put it on and you will not feel grossly slick and oily after. It absorbs super fast and hydrates. Also, its best to stay away from perfume when flying as some passengers can be very sensitive to smells and its courteous to abstain from any strong perfumes.

What I love about this oil is that is has the most subtle scent to it, barely recognizable but delicious. Its floral and sun-kissed, with woody notes. The only compliments I get about it is when someone hugs me

Caudalie Vinotherapie Divine Oil

Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Expandable Carry-On 22″

Lastly, but certainly not least, my Briggs and Riley Suitcase. Now don’t get me wrong, other folks are totally allowed to have their preferences with their favorite suitcase brands but Briggs and Riley is the only suitcase that offers LIFETIME WARRANTY!!! That is UNHEARD of!! [[For Reference: Tumi is only 5 year warranty]]

It’s a premium priced product but it’s the only carry-on you will ever have to buy. What I love about it: it has a built in garment bag compartment (perfect for my uniform items) and collapsible sides to fit in any overhead space.

I can pack for three weeks in this baby!!!

Buy it on Amazon here !

Things I can't live without as Flight Attendant
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