Corporate Training

Custom Corporate Curriculum

We take great pride in presenting our meticulously crafted curriculum that spans a diverse range of disciplines, offering an unparalleled training experience tailored precisely to your flight department.
  1. Mastering Client Interaction

  2. Handling Distressed or Challenging Clients with Grace

  3. Insightful VIP Protocol Strategies

  4. Navigating Multicultural Etiquette and International Protocols

  5. Creating Client Expectation Checklists for Tailored Service

  6. Anticipation Techniques for Exceeding Client Needs

  7. Perfecting Disembarkment: Poise and Elegance in Service

  8. Excellence in In-flight Child Care

  9. Effective Communication and Passenger Support during Delays and Challenges

  10. Presenting a Refined Personal Image

  11. Meticulous Cabin and lavatory Presentation

  12. Seamless Boarding and Arrival Procedures

  13. Aircraft Familiarization for Unparalleled Service Delivery

  14. Captivating Welcome Table Presentation

  15. Mastering In-flight Serving Techniques, including Wine and Champagne Service

  16. Ensuring Food Handling Safety to Exceed Hygiene Standards

  17. Modern Gastronomy Plating and Garnishing

  18. Perfecting Table Settings for Fine Dining Dining

  19. Compiling Guest Customer Preferences for Personalization and Consistency

Our comprehensive syllabus has been thoughtfully designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver impeccable 5-star client care. Each module represents a pinnacle of refined service, ensuring that your service offerings are nothing short of extraordinary. Through this training, you will not only elevate your professional abilities but also set new benchmarks in the realm of personalized luxury and hospitality.