Mentorship Program

The Flightess Mentorship Program is Here

I’m Jamie, Founder of Flightess and I’m glad you are interested in my mentorship program. I built this program based off the luxury hospitality training I have received within my own career. This course is a culmination of VIP experience, hard lessons learned, and inflight common sense that have made my guests inflight regard me as “the best flight attendant they’ve ever had”.

This program is very hands on and space is limited. The reason for this is I am going to personally work with each student who registers.

The skills I learned in the Flightess Mentorship Program landed me a full time Part 91 job!

I owe it all to Jamie’s resume-building module and the numerous culinary techniques and tricks. Jamie has curated the most beneficial course for corporate flight attendants to thrive. There is not a detail she missed. I can’t recommend this program enough!

Gina E.
Who is this for?

The course content is exceptionally comprehensive, delving into every aspect of the job and offering practical insights invaluable in real-world scenarios.

As someone with no prior experience as a corporate flight attendant, this program was instrumental in making me feel ready for my first flight. Not only did it equip me with the knowledge and skills needed to excel; moreover, it played a key role in landing me a full-time job – and I owe this success entirely to Jamie! I wholeheartedly recommend the Flightess Mentorship Program to anyone considering a career as a corporate flight attendant and for those already in the industry!

Asya Pletto

You can’t put a price on gaining a community like the one Jamie has fostered, full of hungry CFAs ready and excited to be better every single flight.

This course is unlike any other I have come across. Jamie is candid and genuine in a way that is extremely beneficial to an up and coming CFA as well as a seasoned (and slightly exhausted) one like myself! This is TRULY a masters class in Infight Hostessing that I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of!

J. Butler

Your course material exceeded my expectations.

Your ability to convey clear and exciting information made it hard for me to walk away from the computer. It felt like an amazing book I simply did not want to put down. Your personalization approach to each student was over the top, especially knowing your busy flight schedule and everything else that you juggle! I can not thank you enough for your hands on direction you gave my CFA package, you helped curate a winning resume. I truly learned so much over the last 8 weeks. I absolutely feel more polished and ready to secure a new CFA position.

Jenn Tyndal

Jamie’s Flightess Mentorship Program has been an absolute game-changer for me.

I come from a commercial aviation background, and transitioning into corporate aviation has been my end-all dream job. I didn’t really know where to start with working towards making this transition since corporate aviation is a completely new language to learn, but I truly could not have done it without Jamie’s help. I was researching absolutely everything before discovering Jamie’s mentorship program, and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed because so many courses I came across touched upon one area, but what I absolutely loved and really appreciated about Jamie’s Flightess Mentorship Program is that it embodies everything and more that you need to know about corporate aviation and how to really excel within it. The Flightess Mentorship Program is like the ultimate Corporate Flight Attendants bible!! Jamie is a trendsetter in the industry, has elevated corporate aviation, and continuously moves the needle to bring service excellence to the next level. This mentorship program gives you access to understanding all of this and all of Jamie’s tips and tricks from her expertise experience in the industry. It is unlike anything else out there because this is more than just a program, it is a mentorship where you get to connect with Jamie and like-minded others, which is so special. Jamie is beyond inspiring and is a total girl boss – being around her energy is infectious. Even working through the online modules – you can feel Jamie’s passion for luxury hospitality through the course materials – I truly could not have asked for a more inspiring, knowledgable, and passionate mentor than Jamie. When you’re learning from someone who is so incredibly passionate about what they do, it really sinks in differently. This program made me feel like my dream job is no longer a dream and can truly become my reality. This mentorship has become my foundation as I begin to enter into this exciting industry. I am beyond grateful for Jamie and everything I have learned and continue to learn from this program. I strongly recommend the Flightess Mentorship Program, and I am so excited for others like myself to experience Jamie’s Flightess Mentorship Program magic!!

Dayna C.

Jamie’s program has become our new standard for what we look for in a CFA.

I have never met Jamie Gibson but from the day my lead flight attendant came across her website she has shown continuous and impressive growth unlike the level of service we have been accustomed to in our 20 years using CFAs. After completing the Mentorship Program, she has continued to up her game in ways that are both exciting and impressive to be a part of. We can’t wait to see what she shares next.

M. Lyon
Lyon Aviation

Thank you Jamie for inspiring me and igniting a passion that I didn’t know existed!

I remember our initial phone call and one of the things I was hoping to get out of this mentorship program was enhancing my culinary skills. Not only is your program far exceeding my expectations, but I am discovering that I am enjoying cooking, creating and feeling like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

Jamie Levine

Thank you for this course!

You have no idea what this has done for me mentally and emotionally. You are an amazing person.

Arielle Bourbon

I absolutely love this training!! My favorite class I’ve taken!

Jamie thank you so much for creating the Flightess Mentorship program. This training has inspired me in so many ways, I’m so thankful for being in the class thank you so much again!!! You are truly amazing Jamie, I hope you have your own show one day and write books and recipe cookbooks for everyone you truly have a talent for service and culinary and you have the biggest heart helping us CFA’s and it shows how much you truly care about us all!! Thanks again Jamie!!

Jaime Hiremath

Deciding to take the Flightess Mentorship Program was truly one of the best decisions that I made for my career.

This course explained every detail a corporate flight attendant needs to know to excel in this industry. Jamie is an extremely exceptional mentor; she has helped me every step of the way. Even after the program ended, she continued to assist me in my job search. I was able to land my first Part 91 job because of Jamie and her dedication to help me succeed.

Adeline Fullwood

It is practically impossible to encapsulate how much I gained...

Not only did I receive an invaluable amount of applicable training, I gained a fellowship of like minded corporate flight attendants to bounce ideas off of and learn from daily. Jamie’s insight into this business is unprecedented and well beyond her 7 years spent as a CFA. Her knowledge and expertise is expansive, ranging from etiquette and service to luxury decor and professional attitude. She lends her cooking expertise in a way that can make even the most incompetent “green” cook look like a well seasoned Michelin chef. It is clear that she works every day to better hone her craft by seeking out education from every facet of hospitality and lovingly sharing it with us.

J. Butler

This course will help you to truly master the art of service.

Jamie’s knowledge, expertise, and passion for guest experience shines through in all aspects of her mentorship program. Her touches are simple and elegant, and she promotes a “less is more” mentality. Under her direction, I was able to increase my efficiency in the galley and streamline my service, incorporating new plating techniques along with a fresh perspective. Her mindful approach encourages you to consider various ways to add thoughtful touches and gestures to your service, overall delivering an experience which is both elegant and exudes a luxury feel. Personally, this course has increased my confidence, finesse, and expertise in different service style techniques. The program is great for both newcomers looking to transition to a career in business aviation, as well as for experienced individuals such as myself seeking to grow professionally. Jamie encourages everyone in the mentorship program to network with each other, fostering an additional level of support and a sense of community. Her program gave me access to a select network of like-minded individuals, which allowed me to make new professional connections all over the world. Jamie goes above and beyond to ensure you feel supported, and you genuinely feel she is on your side encouraging your professional growth. Even now, I continue to feel incredibly supported.

Shelli Stapp