Grab n Go Food Safe Wipes- Potent Travel Wipes Remove Harmful Residue and Chemicals Where There is No Water

I started carrying these on the road with me while traveling during COVID-19 to wipe down whole fruits and vegetables, utensils and plates at my hotel room and even used them on the plane to avoid using potable water

    • biodegradable 
    • HELPS REDUCE RISK OF THE #1 CAUSE OF FOODBORNE ILLNESS by removing wax, pesticides, chemicals and agricultural residue that may carry bacteria
    • UP TO 99.99% MORE EFFECTIVE THAN WATER, extends produce life up to 5X longer, inhibits browning on cut fruits and veggies, no waste
    • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE WITHOUT WATER, use at home, hotel, office, surfaces, utensils, anything you put into your mouth