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Welcome to Flightess, where excellence meets personalized recruitment solutions for the Corporate Flight Attendant industry. Founded in 2017 by Jamie Gibson, a seasoned Corporate Flight Attendant herself, Flightess has pioneered transformative services aimed at bridging industry gaps and enhancing career paths.

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At Flightess, we understand the challenges of finding the perfect fit for your team amidst hundreds of resumes. Our new Recruitment Division offers a bespoke approach tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a seamless process from start to placement.

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We have found that our best hires have consistently come from Flightess, a platform that connects us with highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Through Flightess, we have access to a pool of talent that is well-equipped to handle the demands of our discerning clientele. Flightess delivers top notch candidates who exemplify professionalism and excellence in their roles. Jamie hand selects the participants in her group which gives us confidence that the individuals we hire through Flightess have the necessary skills, knowledge, and demenour to represent our company. As a result, we maintain the high service standards that our clients expect and deserve, knowing that our team members are capable of delivering exceptional service with a personal touch.

V.P. Lead Cabin Attendant
Our Founder’s Vision

Jamie Gibson‘s vision for Flightess extends beyond training and mentorship. It encompasses a commitment to live and breathe exceptional customer experiences, reflected in every interaction with our clients.

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