The Trendiest Summer Cocktails

The Trendiest Summer Cocktails

Guys, it’s been awhile since I posted anything new under “sips” here on Flightess.

So with summer steadily on the way, it was time to tap the shoulder of Restaurateur and Cocktail AficionadoMichelle Monroe for some major cocktail inspiration to feature for us CFA’s to make at 40,000ft.

Michelle and her husband own and manage the chicest industrial Gastro Bar in Essex, The Standard (approximately 30 minutes outside of London). Their menu is a foodie’s dream by harnessing the best flavors from multiple cultural cuisines.

Sure, every restaurant has a Caprese dish, if they’re good they may have creamy Buffalo Mozzarella, but The Standard takes it one step further by marinating their tomatoes and adding a black olive crumb to marry taste and texture.

Are you catching my drift with how this place vibes with flavor?

My personal menu favorites are the Crispy Katsu Pork Bites and Pan Seared Scallops. But their Sunday Roasts take the cake. (I better s

top now otherwise this whole Blog Post will be about the insane goodness that is their Sunday Roast Meals).

I have even used their menu before to gather some inspiration for creating my own inflight dining menus.

What The Standard is really known for is their Bespoke cocktail Menu, created alongside the elite mixologists at Moet & Hennessy. They offer a fresh and luxurious twist on the classics in addition to The Standard signature cocktails, and Michelle is here to teach you a few of those signatures.

I’m going to let Michelle take it from here and guide you on your entrance into Mixology.
Thinking of some cocktails that look & taste great with minimal effort and workspace, and came up with these three personal favorites. A lot of people assume *all* mixology is a lot of work, and while that can be true, a little training & picking up some tips & tricks along the way, really shows that sometimes simplicity is key.

One such trick that can take any *simple* cocktail to a higher level are Bitters !!

I prefer Peychauds Bitters if you’re sourcing throughout the states, as they’ve been around since the 1830’s and theres nothing you can trust more than such a long standing product (also helps that the packaging is simple & chic)!

Or Bobs Bitters if you’re catering throughout Europe, this company was started by London based Michelin Star Pastry Chef Bob Petrie, specifically created to heighten a specific note within a cocktail.

I buy mini bottles & keep them nearby, the great part is you’ll only need a few drops, & you’re cocktail will be elevated to new heights. [pun intended]

So, given your limited galley space, which bitters should you buy? Are they even necessary?

The latter question I’ll answer with a definitive yes: You need bitters to make some of the best-known classic cocktails; there are drinks that aren’t the same without them.

They bind, they brace, they emphasize flavor notes in spirits dark and light.

They’re like a chandelier: they effortlessly glam up a room.

Chasing Sunset

For a client that likes sour, zestier, light cocktails.

What you’ll need: 


  • Pour 1 tsp of elderflower cordial into a champagne flute. 
  • Add 25ml gin, 30ml lychee juice, two dashes of lemon bitters, and one dash grapefruit bitters, then… in front of your guest, top with chilled champagne.

Cucumber Cooler

For a client who likes a more savory cocktail.

What you’ll need:

  • 100ml Vodka, Belvedere preffered
  • 1 Sprig of Rosemary
  • 2 Lime
  • 3 Slices of Cucumber + Extra for Garnish
  • Splash of Elderflower Cordial
  • Tonic Water to top up (approx. 120ml)
  • Ice


  • In a shaker put a few ice cubes, sliced cucumber, and vodka. 
  • Squeeze in one lime, shake super well to get an almost foam like texture on top.
  • Pour it in a small tumbler glass over the ice, while using a small sieve (tea sieve like this will do) to take out any bits. 
  • Add a splash of elderflower cordial, sprig of rosemary and top it up with tonic water.

 If you add extra cucumber skins to the shaker your drink will obtain greener color.

The Espresso Fauxtini

For the non drinker who likes a little luxury & the feel of a cocktail. Or those who enjoy a little post meal sweetness

What you’ll need:

  • Bottled Cold Brew for ease, or a shot of espresso from your coffee machine. 
  • Vanilla Bitters
  • Coffee Beans 

Method: Add the coffee to your shaker, with ice. Shake vigorously for 20 seconds, the more air in your shaker the better as this will get your great froth. Open shaker and add three drops of Vanilla Bitters, pour into a martini glass & let settle until the froth rises at the top & your dark brown settles below. Garnish with three coffee beans to represent Health, Happiness & Prosperity.

Be sure to follow along with The Standard here for more cocktail inspiration.

If you ever find yourself landing in Stanstead Airport, you’re only a short drive away from enjoying some Crispy Pork Katsy Bites.

The Standard 126 High Rd, Loughton IG10 4BE, United Kingdom

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