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Jamie Gibson

Jamie Gibson is a leading Luxury Hospitality Expert and Chef. Flightess was founded in 2018 and is now the largest online resource and platform for Corporate Flight Attendants in the world. Flightess is responsible for bringing forth new ideas and innovation in the realms of VIP hospitality with an onboard culinary focus.

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We are proud to call her one of our esteemed alumni and respected peers.

It is impossible to categorize what a corporate flight attendant’s job description is, as it is also an ever-changing career field. The most successful and admired corporate flight attendant's are not only highly skilled, they are also mentors, trendsetters, and innovators with a willingness to share their knowledge and incredible talents. Jamie Gibson's Flightess encapsulates all of these qualities and so much more.

Scott Arnold
Davinci Training Institute

Flightess is who every corporate flight attendant should aspire to be and become.

Jamie brings a level of excellence, culinary design and VIP service style that is unmatched and unparalleled in private aviation.

Karalee Mulder
Flight Attendant Life